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Roamer is a digital editorial platform that tells stories of nomadic people through their objects, using an artistic approach. The relationship between objects and their owners change from one person to another, the meaning given to an object makes it even a part of the identity. Especially people who don’t have a fixed home such as nomadic communities, who travel from land to land and carry all they belongings with them, may have a different experience with their objects.

Roamer aims to inspire readers and make them aware of the dangers these communities are facing because of the climate change by telling their story. The website has two main parts: the object page and the owner page. With a fixed menu bar and transitions between two pages, the reader can go back and forth between owner and the object any time. This way, the connection between them is always kept throughout the website.

Graduation project done at Elisava, Barcelona
Designers: İdil Gücüyener, Sara Catita